We (Drs. Lubna Malik, a Board-certified pediatrician, and Bilal Mannan, a Board-certified internist), have founded Avicenna Direct Care in order to practice medicine the best way we know how.

We have always believed strongly in the doctor-patient relationship but have realized that it is being eroded. Health systems and insurance companies have somehow come in the middle. The personal relationship that used to be based on trust and healing is now about numbers and metrics.

We want to practice medicine how it used to be. We want to focus on our patients, on their health and wellbeing. We want lasting relationships. We do not want to worry about if insurance companies will authorize a test, a medication or a procedure. We want to be the best advocate for our patients’ health. Our research found that the clinic model that reflects this philosophy is the “direct primary care” (DPC) model.

In this style of primary care practice, we charge an affordable monthly fee that covers unlimited visits and routine services (annual labs and tests). We have negotiated discounted prices for lab tests and procedures. Our patients are advised to maintain some form of medical cost-sharing (Sedera Health offers a discounted plan for our members) or insurance for surgery, hospitalization and other larger medical needs.

In this way, we all benefit. We benefit by not having to deal with insurance companies and avoiding administrative costs and passing on these time and monetary savings directly to you. But most of all, you benefit from having personal physicians who are the best advocate for you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

Lehigh Valley is our home and we want to share our knowledge and skills with our neighbors. We would love for you to schedule a visit to help you decide if our practice is right for you. We hope to meet you soon.