Limited non-member services are available.

For any service not included here, please contact us for member pricing.
Home visit, member pricing $75
In-office procedures, member pricing
EKG  $30
Steroid joint injections for pain  $100
Laceration repair  $100
Non routine lab draw  $10
Cerumen (ear wax) removal  $20
*Echocardiogram  $250
*Cardiac exercise stress test  $100
*These tests are done at the Heart Care Group.
Laboratory tests, member pricing
*Complete Blood Count  $5
*Complete Metabolic Profile  $8
*Lipid Panel  $7
*Thyroid Panel  $15
*Vitamin D level  $25
Electrolyte Panel  $8
Anemia Panel  $10
Urinalysis w/ culture  $5
*Hemoglobin A1C  $6
*Urine Microalbumin  $10
Prostate Specific Antigen  $7
Testosterone level  $10
Hepatitis B surface Antigen Screen  $5
*Included in members’ fees as annual routine labs
Diagnostic imaging, member pricing
Chest X-Ray $60
Shoulder X- Ray $60
Knee X- Ray $70
Ankle X- Ray $60
Cervical (neck) X-Ray $75
Hip with Pelvis X-Ray $75
Lumbar (lower back) X-Ray $75
CAT Scan Sinus (no contrast) $325
CAT Scan Chest (no contrast) $300
CAT Scan Abdomen/Pelvis (no contrast) $500
CAT Scan Lung cancer screening (low radiation) $325
MRI cervical spine  (no contrast) $500
MRI lumbar spine / lower back (no contrast) $500
MRI Knee (no contrast) $475

**Please note that this is not a complete list. For any procedures not listed here, please call or message us.

Non-Member Services & Pricing*

*Subject to availability; prices exclude any additional tests and services required.

Annual physical, $100

School or camp physical, $75

Pre-operative clearance, $75

Laceration repair, $75

Urgent care evaluation & treatment, uncomplicated, $75