When you consider your insurance plan’s deductible, co-pays and coinsurance, Avicenna’s monthly fee is definitely a bargain.

But family is about much more than money.

Avicenna’s physicians, Drs. Lubna Malik and Bilal Mannan are the proud parents of three children. We’ve structured our practice so kids and adults can get the care they need, when and how they need it.

It’s 2 am, your toddler wakes up with an earache and low fever that you’re not sure can wait, but your other kids are asleep.

Instead of waking everyone up, getting them dressed and into the car on a snowy night, only to wait possibly hours in an urgent care clinic or ER, you might consider a telemedicine visit.

But if you take “pot luck” from the number that your insurance company gave you, how do you know if the care will be on point?

Or you might give her some Tylenol drops, and wait it out till morning. Then what? You need to drop off the other kids, but the office says to be worked in, you need to get there now…or that you can’t be worked in till noon. Or tomorrow.

If you’re an Avicenna member, we’re always “on call” to suggest the best way to address an issue, day or night. And whether we “see” your child via your laptop or phone camera, at the office or even come to your home (for a nominal fee) she’ll be treated promptly by a doc who knows her and your family.

We offer a free get-acquainted visit, and hope to meet your family soon!